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08 March 2014 @ 06:26 pm
o u prtty thingz  
How pointless it is to quantify the qualities of joy.

Body pumping warm blood despite the cold.
Quiet moments shared with friends, unexpectedly.
Helping a friend move and seeing his mood change from jumpy stress to calm victory, and also knowing that the friendship has been cemented.
An extra five minutes in bed with a warm, purring cat sprawled against my neck.

All joy, though I do not know if it springs from my body or seeps in from the atmosphere. Maybe it is just a matter of being permeable.

My brain feels an old familiar feels. I feel young. I am in that state of mind where song lyrics hit me like they did as a teenager. Most recently it was from American Pie of all things..."I know that you're in love with him, cause I saw you dancing in the gym...you both kicked off your shoes". That line is very evocative, I can picture and feel both the dancers and the viewer. It makes me have romantical feels.

Maybe it is just spring stirring. Everything feels so frozen yet, but the days are longer and the sun makes a dent in the ice each day. I haven't been gaga for anyone in a long time, and sometimes I think I won't again for a long while. But I know that my heart is really just a little soft shelled turtle swimming around down somewhere. Quite smooth and placid, but ready to softly emerge.