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09 March 2014 @ 06:25 pm
low beasts among the white oaks  
Acceptance is such a powerful thing. It is so much of what we have to offer each other. Maybe its everything we have to offer each other. Or maybe I just want it so much more than I can ever express.

My once-and-future housemate Mike wears a scrawny pratical plastic watch, identical in fact to my current roommate's and her boyfriends. They're all college friends and quite simpatico. If someone compliments the watch, they all have to give it to that person. My roommate just ordered some new ones and gave one to me. I'm part of the club now.

This weekend I saw my best friends baby, who is about 18 months old. She took my hand right away and smiled at me. She tried to grab my tongue when I stuck it out at her, and then grabbed her own instead. She tried to feed me food from her mouth. She styled my hair with both hands, covered me with my own coat, stole the money from my pocket, and talked to my mom on my phone. I understand why people have babies just to find someone to love them unconditionally. I mean, I get it! Why wouldn't I want tiny fingers prodding my nose for the next 18 years?